the non contact thermometer which projects

the temperature reading, against Ebola (as well as Mers) virus.
The thermometer working at distance guarantees hygiene, safety and accuracy


VisioFocus® family, the only non contact thermometers in the world which project the temperature reading, thanks to their exclusive technology become an indispensable device in the screening of people potentially infected by the Ebola (as well as Mers) virus.
Visiofocus®, working at distance and being the only no touch thermometer that projects the temperature, is also useful anti Ebola (Mers) virus, because it guarantees the best possible hygiene, thus reducing considerably the risk of transmission of the Ebola (Mers) virus during the measurement of body temperature, for both patients and operators.

The main and peculiar feature of Visiofocus is that it projects the temperature directly on the patient’s forehead. In this way, operators are able to know at first sight if their patients have a fever or not, without having to watch the LCD display, which makes Visiofocus an extremely fast non contact thermometer to be used as anti Ebola (Mers).
One of the main symptoms of Ebola (Mers) is the sudden onset of high fever. Therefore the measurement of body temperature represents an essential procedure for identifying and isolating infected subjects and avoiding the spread of the Ebola (Mers) virus.
In places where there is a large number of people, and where the risk of infection and spread of the Ebola (Mers) virus is high, the body temperature screening is the primary safety procedure. In these situations, it becomes necessary to perform a very high number of readings, so it is essential that the infrared no touch thermometers in use are equipped with a system which enables them to be stabilised and always ready to use.

In fact, infrared thermometers, and particularly forehead non contact thermometers, need to know the temperature of the room in which subjects are, in order to process correctly the body temperature detected on the forehead. If a normal infrared non contact thermometer is moved between rooms with different temperatures or if the device is handled for a long time, it is not able to recognise the actual room temperature.
Other infrared thermometers can not solve this problem and their stabilisation at the room temperature requires about 30 minutes. If used during this period, these thermometers may make wrong measurements.

On the contrary, the Non contact VisioFocus thermometer is equipped with an exclusive patented system, called Manual Quick Calibration System (MQCS), which allows VisioFocus to stabilise in just 3 seconds. Thanks to the MQCS, VisioFocus is always perfectly stabilised at the room temperature and always ready to take a number of readings, no matter how long the device is handled by the user. No touch VisioFocus® is designed to detect the body temperature on the forehead, the only part of the head which is directly in contact with the brain and not covered by hair. The brain is the most important and delicate organ of our body, and it is also the one which may be more seriously affected and damaged by high fever.
The head is also the part of the body which first changes its temperature as fever rises or falls.
Yet, in some situations the detection of the temperature on the forehead is not possible.
First of all, when a person has a sweaty forehead the detected temperature may be lower than the actual body temperature.
In fact, our body uses sweating as a way of cooling the head in order to protect the brain, so even if the droplets of sweat are removed, the forehead will still be cold and will not reflect the correct body temperature.
Also, when the body temperature is taken on an elderly person, in particular if having a wrinkled forehead, the detected temperature may be lower than expected, because of a reduced and slowed blood flow.

In both these cases, VisioFocus may be used to take the body temperature on the eyelid or on the open eyes.
The eyelid, and the open eye become a viable alternative since they are able to provide a temperature comparable to the internal one, and are less subject to thermal excursions due to perspiration. This method is also useful when taking the temperature on people coming from areas whose temperature is lower than the one where measurement is taken. In this case,  it is possible to wait only few minutes for patients to stabilizse before taking their temperature.

N.B.: Unlike the majority of non contact thermometers available on the market, which use lasers, Visiofocus® aiming lights are totally safe: they are not lasers but simple LED diodes.
Other thermometers are equipped with laser or have no aiming system. In the first case, there is the risk of damaging permanently the patient’s eyes even in case of readings taken on the forehead. In the second one, it is not possible to identify the correct reading distance and so the measurement maybe not correct.

Together with Thermofocus®, Visiofocus® is the only thermometer which allows to take the body temperature on the eyelid or on the forehead in a safe manner and at the correct reading distance. 

This method of body temperature detection is accurate and safe, and it is the sole method for detecting the body temperature of women wearing a burqa.